Blewit Madness – Winter ’08

21 Jul

(NOTE: this is an old blog  ( December 18, 2008) I transferred it from blogspot)

What a beautiful day today. It is mid december and it was 65-68F outside. And on top of that -sunny. Aaaaaah! I was itching to be outside today, but my day job keeps me stuck to the computer most of the day.

Tradd was outside planting blueberry plants, all the doors and windows were open, the new kittens were hanging out outside, and off course I was taking multiple breaks, visiting Tradd.

Then Tradd mentioned we should go to our new Blewit spot. And I was like, OK!!!!! So I clocked out of work early (bad Olga, bad), and we drove to Clemson, and guess what.


Tradd with blewits

I was so happy. Most of them, Tradd said we were going to use for just harvesting their stem butts. I should explain that. Blewits are one of those mushrooms that you can propagate straight from their stems. You don’t need a lab. It is the coolest thing, and it really works. We have this procedure outlined on our website. Here is the link.

Clitocybe nuda

 Anyways, back to the glorious picking. Luckily we had a basket with us, we filled it up to the top, no more mushrooms could even fit in there. Around 20 lbs of Blewits. Awesome!


We took them home and cleaned them for two hours, I thought it was never going to end, now they are steaming in a huge pot, they will end up in the freezer, once we figure out some great recipes, they will get cooked for real. And since it is 11:00 pm, that ain’t going to happen tonight.

A little bit about blewits. It’s latin name is Clitocybe nuda. It used to be Lepista nuda. It is a fall/winter mushroom.

A week ago we went up to Asheville for the Asheville Mushroom Club holiday party. AMC is a kickass mushroom club, and we are members. Check them out here. And their parties are off the chain. Anyways every year on the way there, we stop in Brevard at another of our secret blewit spots, and we found some just like the year before, and they were completely frozen, LOL. They like the freeze. They actually need the freeze to fruit.

Blewit mushrooms

They are purplish to beige in color, and can be confused with some other purplish looking mushrooms that fruit aroud the same time, like the Cortinarius species, which are not very good to eat, and can be quite poisonous. So if you are out there mushroom hunting, have your field guides handy, and please be a 100% sure that you have got a blewit, before you eat it.

This one was covered with leaves before I found it

They can be a bit slimy when cooked down. I learned a little trick from David Arora’s book. Sautee them on max heat with no oil, and sprinkle them with salt to draw out all the moisture out of them. After all the moisture is out, cook them for a few more minutes, stir them so they don’t stick. Then cook them the way you like, and that should do the trick. 🙂Cooking with mushrooms


2 Responses to “Blewit Madness – Winter ’08”

  1. josh October 4, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    I just found some nice blewitts up towards the mountains….actually I find them all over..The other day I found the biggest blewit ever I have layed eyes on, Cap was about 7 inches across, it was a monster……should have taken photos….

    • sporeprints October 15, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

      That is awesome. I love blewits, just need to find the time to go look for them.

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