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Sad, sad day. RIP Earl, Earl and Red Chicken

10 Feb

Tradd and I went to Flat Creek yesterday, and returned around 9 PM. Went to close the chickens down and to feed the rabbit. The chickens were out and about all day, since we have two dogs, we figured they would protect them, if anything came to eat them. Really bad idea.

Now 3 of the chickens are dead, and one is injured. We are on the way right now to see Dr. Outlaw, take Earl to get fixed up. Will update later.

UPDATE: Looks like Earl will be OK. She has been eating well and drinking water, but her butt is torn up.
Tradd thought that she will not be able to grow any more feathers in that area, but Dr. Outlaw said that she would. He put some kinda cream on her and gave her drops.

we also found out who killed the other 3 chickens, and it was our own dog Wedensday. Nos she has tasted the blood of a chicken, and she will not stop until she kiils them all. I have been reading about how to rehabilitate a dog, and apparently the most effective thing to do is to tie the dead chickend to the dog’s neck, until it starts rotting, and then it will never touch one again. I couldn’t even go look at the dead chickens, so traumatized.

So is the life on a farm.