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Meripilus polypore

23 Sep

Tradd and I went to Mellow Mushroom in Clemson for a light lunch yesterday. Afterwards, we decided to check out some spots, since it has been raining alot.

Tradd’s mushroom radar went off, and we found a jack o’ lantern patch (Tradd knew where  it was from last year) Then we proceeded to go from tree to tree, and he just kept labeling each tree but the mushroom that was feeding on it.

Mushrooms were everywhere, agaricus, parasols, puffballs, so we picked a bunch. Meripilus is everywhere as usual. We picked two nice young clusters, and took them home with us.

At home, Tradd disappeard into the lab with the parasols that I found. His intent – to clone them.

I cleaned, and sliced the three gigantic puffballs, and lined them up in the dehydrator, I had to save them until I come across a good recipe. The meripilus also got sliced, and was in the dehydrator que. I threw some of it in the chicken soup together with some woodears. Once in there, I watched it turn completely black, hence it’s name, black staining polypore. First time I cooked it. And it was goooooood.

Not much else you could use this polypore for, since it is quite woody. Tradd’s motto, dry it and powder it. i have used the mushroom powder before in mushroom soups, and also to “bread” fish and other meats. It works pretty good.